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The Exorcism of Glen Benton


(This is probably the first article in history written using the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style.  When you get to the bottom of the page, click on the link that leads you in the direction you want to go in)

You are called into the Pope’s office at 3 o’clock in the morning.  You were summoned by the Vatican because of your impressive track record of killing demons and vegetarians.  Back in 2008, you saved the entire city of Cleveland from the wrath of Belial.  In 2010, you entered the netherworld and rescued Raiders quarterback Ken “Snake” Stabler, who was sent to Hell by God during a high stakes all night poker game with Satan.  Thanks to you, Stabler is alive and well, living in Foley, Alabama.

The Pope seeks your help.  He has heard that a demon known as Rotmensen has been living inside Deicide singer Glen Benton for the past 20 years.  He has been using Benton as a way of spreading the word of Satan to the souls of metalheads and yoga practicioners and has succeeded in causing great harm to this world.  The Pope is particularly angry about the Deicide concert he attended in Argentina last year. Benton showed up an hour late and they only played four songs because of an issue with the club’s management.  The Pope had only experienced this sort of insolence once before, at a Sly and The Family Stone concert in 1978, and swore that if he became Pope the demon inside of Benton would be punished.

He has offered you great wealth, fame and the first four Manowar albums on vinyl in return for exorcising the demon in Benton.  If you choose to go, you will be accompanied by the priest who performed the exorcism on Cronos back in 1996. He is world renowned for his ability to exorcise particularly evil, heavy metal ghouls.  If you are defeated by the demon, your soul may forever be damned to the worst neighborhoods in Hell.

Do you….


Agree to participate in The Exorcism of Glen Benton


Refuse The Pope’s Offer


Skip to The End of The Story To Find Out What Happens

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You Refused The Pope’s Offer


The Pope nods his head.  He understands.  He wishes you well and walks you to a door on the other side of his office.  You are sent down a long corridor which the Pope claims is a shortcut out of The Vatican.

As you are walking down the hallway, you begin to hear a growling sound.  The further you walk, the louder the growling becomes.  When you reach the halfway point of the corridor 15 Dogs of Doom surround you.  You try to fend them off, but they quickly knock you to the floor, incapacitating you.

You struggle through the shooting pain in your arms and legs, trying to get to your feet and get away.  You swing your arms and legs wildly.  Slowly, the pain begins to lessen and you drift off into eternal sleep.  Your last thought as you leave this mortal plane is “Damn, I wish I had participated in the exorcism of Glen Benton.”

Now, it’s too late.

The End

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You Skipped To The End of the Story To Find Out What Happens


People like you make me sick.  Your impatience is ridiculous.  All you would have had to do to find out how the story ends is read 4 or 5 pages of text.  Instead, you took the easy way out.  You are a disgrace.  No wonder America is becoming a second rate country.

The End

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You Agree to Participate in The Exorcism of Glen Benton



You are flown to Clearwater, Florida along with Father Dyer, a veteran of a thousand demon wars.  In his case, he carries holy water, a pick-axe, the Rites of Exorcism, a Bible, an autographed picture of former wrestling legend Abdullah The Butcher and three vials of spinal fluid extracted from former baseball legend Wade Boggs.

You are driven to a lovely hotel room where the two of you are expected to wait until Benton’s band Deicide performs later that evening.  You arrive in the hotel room and begin watching the free HBO and enjoying having the air conditioner cranked to 55 degrees.  Father Dyer begins to grow impatient and begins to talk about a change in plan.  He claims to have received a tip as to where Benton lives and thinks that ambushing him at his home is a better option than attacking him at the club.  If you catch him in his sleep, you can easily behead him and the demon will voluntarily leave his body.

Do you…

Stick To The Original Plan and Wait For The


Try To Ambush Benton In His Home

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You Ambush Benton in His Home


Father Dyer won’t stop bugging you.  You just want to relax, drink seltzer and watch the episode of The Wire where Stringer Bell gets killed in peace.  Finally, after 20 minutes of telling him to be quiet or you’ll beat him with a clawhammer, you agree to go to Benton’s house and try to ambush him.

You drive your rented Dodge Dart for about 10 minutes, listening to the new Alice in Chains record.  You really want to listen to Slayer, but you are afraid it will offend a member of the clergy.  At the end of the ride, Father Dyer tells you your choice in music is awful and that you should try picking up the first two Borknagar albums.  Although you like Borknagar, you are somewhat insulted that your metal credentials have just been called into question by a priest.

Benton lives in a gated community in one of the nicer suburbs of Tampa.  The two of you walk to the front door.  It is open, so you quietly tip toe inside.  There, you see Benton sitting at his kitchen table in his boxer shorts eating rice krispies and smoking a Pel Mell cigarette.  He looks up at you with the trademark evil stare from the back cover of “Once Upon The Cross”.  You have interrupted his dinner.  He is angry.

Benton’s skin turns blue and his eyes glow bright green.  He begins to speak loudly in some language that sounds like a cross between Aramaic and Gullah.  He walks to the refrigerator and opens the door.  You quickly realize that Father Dyer’s head is in a giant Tupperware container packed in orange Jello on the top shelf next to the milk.  Benton laughs.  You begin to run, but trip and fall over Father Dyer’s headless, twitching corpse.  As your body bursts into flames, you realize that this is going to be the end for you.  Certainly not how you expected your life to turn out.

The End


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Stick To The Original Plan and Wait For The Concert



Father Dyer spends the better part of an hour trying to convince you to change the plan and ambush Benton, but you know better.  Benton is telepathic and would know you were coming.  You lie down on the bed and take a nap.  In your dreams, you are sitting in a Wendy’s talking to the ghosts of Hoffman brothers, guitarists whose souls were eaten by Benton during a concert in 2004.  They are both drinking Frostees.  Brian’s is chocolate, while Eric’s is blood flavored.  They warn you to go home.  Benton is too powerful.  He will destroy you.  He is the ultimate form of evil.  You will not survive.

You wake up in a cold sweat and a feeling of looming disaster in your throat.  Father Dyer is nervously pacing back and forth.  He tells you he also took a nap and also had a dream about two Brothers.  They were warning him to turn back while drinking Frostees.  You chalk it up to coincidence and get dressed for the concert.

You arrive at the show four hours late, just in time for Deicide to begin their set.  Benton seems to not notice you, but the fact that the guy you are with is dressed as a priest draws the attention of several members of the crowd.  They are slightly amused thinking that Father Dyer is trying to be ironic, but quickly go back to their beverages.  As the music begins to play, the two of you inch closer to the stage.

During the middle of “Dead By Dawn”, Benton finally notices you.  He has read your mind and knows why you are there.  He quickly turns the crowd into man-eating zombies.  You kick and punch the zombies away and jump onto the stage.  Father Dyer is not so lucky.  He is eaten by two overweight gentlemen in Immolation tee-shirts.

Benton is startled.  He was certain that the zombies would stop you.  This is the perfect time to attack.  However, you do not have Father Dyer’s case which contains the Rites of Exorcism.  A zombie with a Burzum shirt on is trying to eat it.  Then, the zombie begins to repeatedly hit himself in the face with the case.  You’re not even quite sure the Burzum fan is a zombie.  This is actually pretty reasonable behavior from someone who listens to Burzum.   If you do not have the Rites of Exorcism, you’ll have to behead Benton in order to release the demon.

Do you…


Get the case with the Rites of Exorcism from the zombie Burzum fan


Do you attack Benton and attempt to behead him

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Get the Case with the Rites of Exorcism From The Zombie Burzum Fan



You leap off the stage and run towards the zombie Burzum fan.  You grab a chair and smash it across his head.  The case falls to the floor.  You dive to the ground and open it.  It is empty.  You hear a terrible laughter above your head.

You look up and a giant dragon with the face of Glen Benton is flapping its wings and flying towards you with a sadistic grin on its face.  You quickly scan the room looking for a way out, but before the next thought crosses your mind your body is ripped in half by Benton’s sharp, dragon teeth.

The End

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You Attack Benton and Attempt to Behead Him


You charge towards Benton attempting to take advantage of him being momentarily surprised.  Wings begin to grow from Benton’s back.  Before he can morph into a dragon-like beast you slam a guitar into his head knocking him to the ground.  You jump on top of him and slam his head into the ground until he falls unconscious.  Knowing you only have a moment to take his head off, you quickly rip a string off of the bass, rap it around his neck and being spinning him around.  His head flies off and lands in the middle of the pit area.  Orange light shoots out of all the openings in his body.  You fight your way through the zombies, put Benton’s head in a burlap sack and run for the exit.

Two days later you are back at the Vatican, reading a recent edition of Guns and Ammo magazine in the Pope’s waiting room.  He calls you in and you hold up the burlap sack.  The Pope asks what is in the bag.  You reach in and pull out a head.

All of a sudden, the Pope begins laughing maniacally.  In a blur of light, his body and face transform into Glen Benton.  You look at the head you are holding up and realize that it is your own.

The End


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