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You Agree to Participate in The Exorcism of Glen Benton



You are flown to Clearwater, Florida along with Father Dyer, a veteran of a thousand demon wars.  In his case, he carries holy water, a pick-axe, the Rites of Exorcism, a Bible, an autographed picture of former wrestling legend Abdullah The Butcher and three vials of spinal fluid extracted from former baseball legend Wade Boggs.

You are driven to a lovely hotel room where the two of you are expected to wait until Benton’s band Deicide performs later that evening.  You arrive in the hotel room and begin watching the free HBO and enjoying having the air conditioner cranked to 55 degrees.  Father Dyer begins to grow impatient and begins to talk about a change in plan.  He claims to have received a tip as to where Benton lives and thinks that ambushing him at his home is a better option than attacking him at the club.  If you catch him in his sleep, you can easily behead him and the demon will voluntarily leave his body.

Do you…

Stick To The Original Plan and Wait For The


Try To Ambush Benton In His Home

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