You Refused The Pope’s Offer


The Pope nods his head.  He understands.  He wishes you well and walks you to a door on the other side of his office.  You are sent down a long corridor which the Pope claims is a shortcut out of The Vatican.

As you are walking down the hallway, you begin to hear a growling sound.  The further you walk, the louder the growling becomes.  When you reach the halfway point of the corridor 15 Dogs of Doom surround you.  You try to fend them off, but they quickly knock you to the floor, incapacitating you.

You struggle through the shooting pain in your arms and legs, trying to get to your feet and get away.  You swing your arms and legs wildly.  Slowly, the pain begins to lessen and you drift off into eternal sleep.  Your last thought as you leave this mortal plane is “Damn, I wish I had participated in the exorcism of Glen Benton.”

Now, it’s too late.

The End

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