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Scientists Discover “Fear Factory” Gene In Mice

A Fear Factory Mouse Attack Captured On Film In Hudson, Wisconsin

A Fear Factory Mouse Attack Captured On Film In Hudson, Wisconsin

Chances are you’ve seen them rampaging through the streets.  They range in size from 6 foot 1 to 6 foot 4 and usually weigh between 245 and 270 pounds.  They have excessively large foreheads, surprisingly short arms and enormous kneecaps.  They are usually relatively intelligent, slightly clumsy, and uncommonly strong.  They are Fear Factory Mice and they are the greatest threat to the American Way of Life since the creation of Social Security.

They pour forth from the faces and body cavities of the lower animals and consume all that is in their path.  These mice replicate at incredible speeds, often breeding with donkeys and fish.  They are capable of incredible kindness and unspeakable acts of cruelty.  The wilderness is full of them.  They stalk campers and hikers, toying with them by bellowing the lyrics to Fear Factory’s Top 40 single “Martyr” before ripping them apart.  Yet, in some cases, they have struck up remarkable friendships with their human prey, occasionally exchanging Tupperware products with their victims before devouring their bodies.

This is why we must, under no circumstances, EVER, leave the house again.

Sometimes, they make their way into cities and battle local Mice Control Workers (MCWs) for control of poultry-themed fast food restaurants.  These MCWs are often equipped with the latest in taxpayer funded, anti-mouse laser death rays.  However, a swarm of them can quickly overpower a team of MCWs.  At that point, the government’s options become limited.  In some instances, like in the case of the former city of Phoenix, Arizona in 1998, the full-scale use of nuclear weaponry is the only conceivable way of preserving what is left of the American Dream.

In 1991, when The Great Mousehunts began, scientists were baffled the ability of the Fear Factory Mice to regenerate their wounded bodies and learn from previous defeats.  While regular mice would lie in their cages and allow the doctors to poke, prod and dissect them in the name of building a better world for Americans, these Fear Factory Mice would rise up, reassemble their body parts and fight against the scientists, sometimes taking whole laboratories hostage.  The mice took to the hills after being decimated in early battles with the Army, but quickly regrouped and, after signing a mutual defense treaty with Fidel Castro and the Cubans, have become a constant threat to commerce and the safety of average citizens.

Besides the significant difference in height and common “sleeve” tattoos worn on the arms of the Fear Factory Mice, it is almost impossible for the average observer to tell the difference between the two breeds until it is too late. Reactions have varied from city-to-city, but the most common response has been to move to high ground and wait for inevitable death.  Conservatives have taken to storing up thousands of rounds of ammunition, stockpiling anti-mouse weaponry, praying and watching Bruce Willis movies until it is safe to enter the cities again.  Liberals have started community based Mice Awareness Groups (MAGs) and eco-friendly, cruelty-free Mice Education Programs (MEPs) in the hopes of tolerating the animals to death.  Until Friday, it seemed as if no one had an answer to the single greatest issue of our time.

However, thanks to the expenditure of billions of taxpayer dollars and the generosity of several of our top corporate leaders, science has, once again, saved us from the abyss of mass extinction.  Years of research has led to a breakthrough of fantastic proportions.  Without going into all of the science-y type details, it is clear that some mice possess a gene that causes them, upon hearing a Fear Factory song, to become enormous, flesh-thirsty beasts.  By simply destroying all remaining copies of Fear Factory’s music, bathing regularly in fresh chicken blood and sacrificing one infant human on a bi-weekly basis, the threat of these killer mice will be eliminated by the year 2039.

Surprisingly, the answer to the great mystery lay in the journals of former President Calvin Coolidge.  In his last days, Coolidge claimed to have been visited by men from the future that foresaw the mouse epidemic and gave him a specific set of plans to isolate the Fear Factory Gene and destroy the hordes of ravenous rodents.  Coolidge tried to warn several people of the terror that awaited humankind, but no one believed him because his habit of drinking iodine had caused a rapid deterioration in his mental condition.  He was killed on the night he planned to talk to a sympathetic reporter from the New York Times when a hummingbird flew up his nose and caused a brain aneurysm.

We were saved because we believed hard enough in the menacing green light, the orgiastic past that explodes from our mouths every time we scratch the surface of reality.  The forest advances year-by-year, no matter how hard or how fast we strike our axes against the trees.  Sure, the mice didn’t get us this time, but that’s no matter.  Tomorrow, we will run away faster, flail our arms harder and eventually slip on the ever-looming banana peel, falling to our collective deaths….

So we beat on, building a better mousetrap, born to ceaselessly regurgitate the past.

Fear Factory....Before They Caused The End Of Life As We Know It

Fear Factory….Before They Caused The End Of Life As We Know It

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Pure Unadulterated Filth

“A newspaper is the lowest thing that there is”  -Richard J Daley

I’ve read a good number of articles over the past few years decrying the end of the newspaper.  For all intents and purposes, the medium is a dying breed.  People are getting their news from the Internet, television and other sources much more frequently. The importance of the medium has been unquestionable.  Some of the most significant writers of the last hundred years owe their livelihoods to it.  However, the day the last copy of The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal (or whatever behemoth newspaper outlet manages to be the last one standing) disappear into the gutter of history I will dance a jig in the streets. The fact of the matter is that newspaper is the single most disgusting thing that has ever been created.

Forget the content for a minute.  This is a case where McLuhan’s “Medium is the Message” idea really makes sense.  In this case, the medium is enough to turn one’s stomach.  The most vile odor ever created is the smell of newspaper.  When I am in a restaurant and the person at the table next to me is reading a newspaper, I try to move to another seat.  I’d rather the person sit there with a cup of coffee while vivisecting the stomach of a moose.  The worst are the cheap local papers or supermarket tabloids.  They stink like The Boston Harbor on the Fourth of July.  The odor is simply unbearable.

If it just smelled badly it might well be tolerable, but the texture of it is enough to send me into sepsis.  Accidently brushing into one or, worse, touching it with my hands is unquestionably the worst sensation possible.   If I were ever captured and interrogated by the police all they would need to do is threaten to place a copy of the Op-Ed Page of the Washington Post over my face for 10 minutes and I’d cop to anything from the assassination of William McKinley to the kidnapping of the Lindbergh Baby.

I live in constant, unending terror over the thought of wet newspaper.  Oh dear God!  Even writing about it makes me want to vomit.  The way it wilts and bleeds into the other pages.  The horror!  I am filled with anger anytime I see someone lick his or her fingers and turn the page.  What type of disgusting animal would do such a thing?  Of all the loathsome, repugnant habits!  I could sit for hours in a smoke filled room with people eating raw steak and washing it down with phlegm flavored soda and not beat an eyelash, but if one of those folks licked their fingers and touched a newspaper I’d tear my eyes out faster than old King Oedipus.

My working definition of hell is a place where I am covered in a giant pile of wet newspaper for all of eternity.  If there were actually a passage in the Bible that referred to this, I’d sit front row for every Billy Graham sermon from now until my dying day wearing sackcloth and screaming “AMEN!” even when he didn’t ask me to.

The ultimate obscenity is food on newspaper.  To me, there is no greater assault on dignity and virtue then a newspaper stained with the residue of a pork chop.  Ever since the day I first heard that the British will occasionally eat fish and chips off of newspaper, I have refused to see them as a civilized people.   They could come up with fifty Magna Cartas and it would not overcome the sheer tastelessness of one guy at a Yorkshire tavern going ham on a pile of fried cod over a week old copy of The London Times.  Disgusting!  What goes through their minds?  And the idea of wrapping fish in newspaper?!?!?  What sort of sadist would think of such a thing?  Take the most awful scent known to mankind and rap the corpse of a rotting animal in it.  Really?  Think of the aroma!  What is wrong with people?

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with this awful gagging sensation caused by a recurring nightmare where I have to clean up a tipped over garbage can with the remains of expired potato salad meshed with newspaper.  I prefer the dreams where I am attacked by hordes of raging vampires.  Sure I die violently, but by comparison it’s a walk in the park.

I’m not the type of fellow with a horribly weak stomach.  I’ve had to man up and change a lot of terrible, noxious diapers over the past four years.  I handle it like a pro.  However, there is a limit for how much wretchedness a person can take.   At least I live in Atlanta, a city that is not newspaper crazy.  I just spent two months in Minnesota and those people love it.  They would take off their clothes and roll around in copy of the Pioneer Press if they could.  All anyone ever talks about is what is in the paper.  They have no idea how nauseating their habit is.

The newspaper is an affront to hygiene and good taste.  The thing is a pure abomination.  I don’t ask much of the future, just a world where my children and my children’s children don’t have to live with the constant fear of this putrid entity.  That is all I ask.

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King Diamond Solves Debt Crisis, Considers Presidential Run

The King Speaking To Reporters After Yesterday’s Debt Agreement

As the President signed the agreement ending the American debt ceiling crisis into law it became clear that there is a new hero in Washington D.C. and his name is King Diamond.  The King, using his incredible powers of persuasion and high-pitched falsetto voice, forced the Democrats and Republicans into negotiating an end to a battle that might well have crippled the American economy for years to come.

He became involved on Friday July 22nd when President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner broke off discussions.  “If it weren’t for King Diamond, we probably would have gone into the worst economic crisis in our history,” said Senate Majority leader Harry Reid in an interview with CNN’s John King yesterday evening.

The King crafted an agreement that was amenable to both sides.  Instead of raising taxes on the wealthy or cutting Medicare, King Diamond offered a 3 percent tax increase on all heavy metal albums bought in the United States.  As most readers know, heavy metal album sales account for nearly 12 percent of Gross Domestic Product and record labels that sell heavy metal albums are the second largest employer in America today.

The King’s plan also calls for a 20 percent tax on all Exodus albums that don’t feature Steve Souza as vocalist.  “That Rob Dukes fellow is extremely talented, but does anyone really believe Exodus is better without Souza.  I say, tax them until they bring him back,” stated the King in a press release.

These two revenue streams should account for nearly four trillion dollars in new money coming in over the next ten years.  In the President’s Address announcing the agreement, Obama made a point to single out King Diamond for his important contribution.  “King Diamond’s willingness to be both firm and flexible was the key to the deal,” said Obama, “he’s a great vocalist and a warm and wonderful man.”

All this recent publicity has led some to wonder whether King Diamond might consider a bid for the Presidency in 2012.  Diamond has refused to answer most questions about his willingness to run, but yesterday he told a reporter from the New York Times that he was seriously considering it.  Webpages have sprouted up all over the Internet trying to convince the King to step in and save America from chaos and despair. The King has told his followers that he plans to make a formal announcement of his plans next week at the Million Metalhead March in Washington D.C.

Political commentators have mixed feelings about what the King’s candidacy could do to a race.  While his appeal with the American public is undeniable, few people really know much about him besides the fact that he is an amazing singer and can command the forces of evil at a moment’s notice.  Nobody even knows what political party he’s in (although he recently attended a thousand dollar a plate fundraiser for The Sugar-Coated Satan Sandwich Party).

Many pundits have pointed out that songs like “Night of The Unborn”, a song about zombie fetuses that attack a Planned Parenthood center, prove that he is Pro-Life and, therefore, would probably run as a Republican.  A recent CNN/Gallup Poll claimed that if the King ran as a Republican he would defeat President Obama 46 to 43 percent.  He polled particularly strongly in crucial battleground states like Ohio and Florida.

According to political columnist and talk radio host Jonathan Winthrop, “King Diamond’s entry into the 2012 Presidential race would change the whole thing.  He could unite a coalition of crazed metalheads and, using the power of metal and his connection with the Prince of Darkness, I believe he could defeat Obama easily.”

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