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Researchers Say Hitting Yourself In The Face With A Hammer Could Potentially Be Dangerous

Apparently, hitting yourself in the face with a hammer isn’t safe after all.  An extensive study done by researchers at Harvard University claims that striking yourself with repeated blows to the face with a hammer could potentially lead to terrible side effects.  The surprising study, done with 100 small children over a five year period of repeated daily strikings, claims that beating your own head in can lead to loss of appetite, excessive bleeding, blindness, holes in your face, rapid eye movement, death and restless leg syndrome.

According to Harvard Scientist Mark Cranium, “this research should prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that hitting oneself with a hammer in the face is a bad idea under most circumstances.”

However, there was some good news for people who enjoy the dull thud of a hammer hitting their skulls.   The research showed no connection between repeated hammer strikes to heart disease or Type 2 Diabetes.   Also, the Harvard study failed to address the effects of eating hammers, so most likely that is still safe.

The study itself was called into question by researchers for Ace Hardware Store’s Corporate Office who did a separate study and arrived at very different results.  The hardware chain found no link between hitting yourself in the face with a hammer and any negative outcomes.  As a matter of fact, the Ace study found a direct correlation between two hammer blows a day and a longer, healthier life.

In spite of the recent warnings, many Americans continue to bang away at their faces.  “That Harvard government ain’t gonna tell me what to do,” said Beau Clemens, a recent recipient of America’s first state-subsidized face transplant.

Dr. Dean Sluggish, a noted expert from the Southern California Institute of Facial Hammering, also believes that hammering one’s face is not just a personal problem, it’s an environmental problem.  “Think of the thousands of trees cut down, the thousands of pounds of metal, the carbon footprint made by smashing one skull to a pulp.  In order to turn one face into a bloody mess it requires enough fuel to run a Hummer for 3 minutes.  Obviously, there are better uses of nature’s bounty,” he wrote in an editorial that accompanied the study.

“To a man who hits themselves in the face with a hammer, everything is a nail,” added Dr. Sluggish in an attempt to say something quotable.

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Ester of Wood Rosin: The Miracle Preservative that Works Miracles

An Oasis of Hope???

Today I’d like to talk to you about a preservative that has been given a bad reputation over the years.  Many people believe that because ester of wood rosin is made from wood or that its chemical cousin ester gum is used in paints, lacquers and varnishes, that it is something that they should avoid drinking.  People who think this couldn’t be further from the truth. I have found, through days and days of careful research, that it is, in fact, a wonderous creation that has transformative, healing powers.

I came to this discovery by accident.  I was in my home working on my model airplane collection and I cut my finger.  I did not have a band aid, gauze  or any soy sauce handy to stop the bleeding.  Not wanting to ruin my scale model reconstruction of Delta’s first DC-10 airplane, I took the can of Fresca I was drinking and poured it directly on the wound.  I wasn’t sure what might happen but you can imagine my surprise when the bleeding stopped and the wound closed within about 10 seconds.  This was a rather large cut that should have required stiches, but the Fresca seemed to heal it right away.

I started to wonder why this happened so I looked at the can of Fresca.  The ingredients seemed rather normal (EDTA, acesulfame potassium, brominated vegetable oil, carob bean gum).  I looked each of the ingredients up and found nothing that piqued my interest until I got to ester of wood rosin.  With one search of the internet, my entire life changed forever.  Apparently, a scientist named Dr. Arnold Kreifeld conducted a study near Harvard University back in 2003 where he tested the effects of ester of wood rosin on injuries.  Kreifeld’s assistants cut the arms of 100 study participants with razor blades.  They then poured water on the wounds of half the participants and Fresca or Tahitian Treat (both drinks with large amounts of ester of wood rosin) on the other half.  The half that were treated with ester of wood rosin showed significant improvement compared to the other group.  Kreifeld, who is currently in Leavenworth Federal Prison for sending “suspicious” packages to news broadcasters, had stumbled on to the medical discovery of the decade, perhaps the century.  Kreifeld first gained a great deal of recognition as a researcher for the tobacco industry back in the late 1980s.  During his time there he co-authored a monumental study that showed that long term cigarette use leads to increased IQ scores.  As important as his earlier work was, it is clear that his work in the field of ester of wood rosin research could have changed much of how we view medicine today.  Had he not been imprisoned on trumped up charges, he’d be viewed with the same reverence as great medical minds like Jonas Salk, Hippocrates and Dr. Oz.

Deeply impressed with Dr. Kreifeld’s work, I decided to do a few experiments of my own.  For one month, I bathed my two young children exclusively in Fresca.  This was quite an expensive proposition (it takes nearly 17 cans of Fresca to fill a bath tub), but it was a sacrifice I needed to make for the good of mankind.  My son, who we will refer to as Mortimer for the purposes of this post, has grown 29 inches since the experiment began.  Mortimer, who at 3 years old stands nearly 6 feet tall, has already gotten recruiting phone calls from The University of Kentucky, The New Jersey Nets and The Ringling Brothers Circus.  Thanks to ester of wood rosin, his future is bright.

I began pouring two cans of Fresca over my head per day, one first thing in the morning, one during afternoon visitation, and I have watched my head go from looking like bowling ball to having long, flowing Fabio-esque hair.  My wife, who recently suffered a broken leg in a waterskiing accident, was injected with Fresca once a night during her sleep for two weeks.  The doctors said it would take 3 months for her leg to heal;  it took 9 days.  I took a syringe to a local senior center down the street and randomly injected an 82 year old woman.  With one surprise injection of ester of wood rosin, she went from barely able to walk to turning double back flips while singing the opening song from Guys and Dolls.

Fresca is not the only soft drink with ester of wood rosin, but I prefer it because of it’s tangy flavor.  There are many drinks that contain this miracle of modern science.  Several government military contractors and food conglomerates are considering creating ester of wood rosin supplements which may be on the shelf at your local supermarket within the next few years. Until then, you’ll have to stick to drinking soft drinks to get the health benefits of this little wonder. When you are staring at your birthday cake and looking at 146 candles, you’ll thank me for this great bit of advice.

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