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The New, New Thing

Call it too much time on my hands.  Call it a blogging addiction.  Whatever.  I have come to realize that there are some pretty amazing blogs out there.  Within about a three-month period I have managed to subscribe to 2/3s of the blogs in the known universe.  What I am quickly learning is that there are a great number of amazing, unique, powerful voices on the net.  Great writers who have wit and wisdom and commit regularly to sharing that with the world.  I’ve got a lot of respect and reverence for that.  I’ve decided a way I can contribute to making the world a more interesting place is to do my part to help get these great blogs into more people’s hands.  So, I have developed a second blog that will be known as “Spanning the Whirled”.  I will try to update this site regularly with cool blogs I have run into along with a brief description of what I find intriguing about them. .  I will still be doing my thing over here at “Tyranny”, but I will be posting up there a lot as well.  Check it out if you are looking for some new voices or ideas or if you just have a half an hour to kill or if you accidently get stuck in your Y2K shelter with Internet access and 5 days worth of canned food.

Here’s the link…

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