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New Showtime Series To Document Filming of HBO Series About Dave Grohl


(article contributed by Tyranny of Tradition Correspondent Joe O’Connell)

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON DC — At the opening of the Rockumentary Hall of Fame, Dave Grohl announced today that The Foo Fighters (Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, that old dude from the Germs, a guy who plays guitar, and some other guy who plays 4-stringed guitar) would be participating in a new Showtime series that documents the making of the HBO documentary series, Sonic Highways.

Subsonic Crossroads will include cover versions of songs from Sonic Highways, featuring Grohl on ukulele, Cronos from Venom on lead bass, dancing from the surviving members of Shalamar, and Neil Peart playing percussion on the corpse of Conrad Bain.

It also contains a brand new song written in and about the city of Milwaukee entitled “Brats Eating Brats”, as an homage to Grohl’s lifelong love of the Cream City’s own BoDeans.

“We wanted to capture the experience of what it was like to capture the experience of writing and recording songs in cities all across America,” said Grohl. “Everyone knows my love of Rush and Diff’rent Strokes. Plus we successfully drugged Robert Plant and convinced him he was singing back-up vocals on a folk album by hobbits. That’s HIM on the “Brats” chorus, man – I can’t wait til he hears it for the first time! I’m really excited to breathe fresh life into something that…”, Grohl added, before trailing off mid-sentence and abandoning the interview to talk into a different documentary’s camera about how much the Descendents meant to him.

Subsonic Crossroads will be available everywhere April 19th on Record Store Day.

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