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Neill Jameson of Krieg Reconciles With Estranged Porn Star Sister


Neill Jameson, better known as Imperial of the black metal band Krieg, has been routinely making the metal headlines over the last year. Between his collaboration with Thurston Moore on the latest Twilight album, and his statements regarding the fallout from Blake Judd, Jameson has been the focus of both accolades and controversy. However, a new development in his personal life will likely trump any of the gossip surrounding his musical output. After years of complete estrangement, the notorious frontman has finally acknowledged and reunited with his equally notorious sister, Jenna Jameson.

“For years, I didn’t want think of Jenna as family,” said the vocalist in a recent interview. “She left home early and never got along with my mom, so I didn’t really have any good memories of her past about the age of 8. But she and I have both been through a lot, and I’ve grown quite a bit as a person, so I think we have more common ground than we did back then.”

For her part, Ms. Jameson, who is by all accounts the most successful pornographic actress in the history of the industry, was also enthusiastic to get re-acquainted with her younger brother.

“When Neill emailed me out of the blue last month, I was so surprised and moved. I even cried a little, because it brought back so many memories. He was always a sweetheart, even when I teased him by doing stuff like rubbing my boobs in his face. I’m really proud of what he’s done with his music and how he has taken it all over the world. It just goes to show the talent that runs through this family.”

Neill admits he denied his relation to Jenna for years, particularly after she had gained celebrity status. “People would always joke about her being my sister, and I’d just laugh it off and say, ‘I wish’, but it was actually painful to think I had less of a chance of reaching out to her once she became famous.”

And the awkwardness didn’t stop there. “Just about every one of my friends was into Jenna and had her videos. I couldn’t even be in the room when they’d put them on, though I finally got some of her movies out of morbid curiosity, and even successfully utilized them after a fashion. It was clear that the person on the screen was very different than the one I grew up with, so it was easy to pretend it was someone else.”

At this point, the Jamesons are very aware of one another, and happily so. They plan to collaborate on future endeavors, with Jenna offering to model Krieg merchandise and appear on the cover of the band’s upcoming album, “A Stranger on the Screen”, which is apparently inspired by the siblings’ reconciliation. Jenna may also have work for her kid brother in upcoming films she will direct for Vivid Video.

“It would be so much fun to have Neill on the set of a movie,” stated the eight time AVN award-winning actress, “he could play a pizza delivery guy or a plumber or something like that. If he shows some aptitude for the work like I did, we might have a new adult film star on our hands!”

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