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UCLA Study Reveals More Metalheads Believe in Santa Claus Than A Necrovore Reunion

Necrovore Santa Claus

A surprising new study released Monday by UCLA’s Institute For Metal Advancement revealed that more metalheads now believe in Santa Claus than in the idea of the band Necrovore reuniting.

Responding to a detailed questionnaire, metal fans overwhelmingly agreed that the possibility of a magical being sliding down chimneys and delivering toys to all the children of the world in one evening is still more likely than the cult Texas death metal act reforming and releasing a proper full-length.

Necrovore recorded one highly-revered demo in 1987, and frontman Jon DePlachett has repeatedly planned an official reformation of the band with the first announcement in 1995, and then again in 2007 when the initial attempt never materialized. Five years later, there has been no further movement.

In the meantime, many metalheads asserted that the evidence for Christmastime’s famous figurehead is much more plausible. “Santa Claus brought me some Hot Wheels when I was a kid,” says self-described metal enthusiast Jose Chavez, “I thought my parents did it, but they swore it wasn’t them, so who knows? But Necrovore reforming? That’s not real.”

The University study also discovered several other things fans believe in more than a Necrovore comeback, including the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and the idea of being able to dig to China.

“The data here is definitely intriguing,” said researcher Rob Urbinati, “and after 20 years of promises and disappointments, it seems a Necrovore reformation is almost a mythical premise. And the idea that they could further release an album that would live up to expectations clearly resides in the realm of the impossible.”

On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is expected to make his worldwide sleigh ride and deliver presents as he has for over 300 years. Necrovore is slated to make an announcement about an upcoming planned announcement by 2017.

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