Obama’s NCAA Bracket PROOVES That He Is A Secret Kenyan Marxist Terrorist


(I found this article pinned to my front door this morning.  It was written by Tyranny of Tradition columnist Jonathan Winthrop.  Winthrop, founder of Conservatives Against Carbohydrates, is a former syndicated talk radio host, proud father and great American)

Over the last 7 years, while many in the media have speculated about Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s ties to Marxists terrorist groups like Boko Haram and the Democratic Party, there have been very few bits of evidence directly linking him. Because the state controls nearly all media outlets, any bit of information that might out this traitor have been kept secret or pitched down the memory hole. The Devil is both clever and cunning. And yet, somehow, irrefutable evidence of this man’s treachery is finally in our hands.

Who do we have to thank? Who are our modern day Woodfin and Bernbaum? Surprisingly, it’s the folks at ESPN.

When the President released his so-called “NCAA bracket” yesterday, there was a stunning selection made in the first round. In the 8 vs. 9 game, President Obama selected San Diego State to defeat St. John’s. At first glance, this is a relatively uncontroversial selection. St. John’s has had a poor last month, punctuated by a 37-point pummeling at the hands of Villanova. Beyond D’Angelo Harrison and Sir Dominic Pointer, scoring has been hard to come by for the Red Storm. San Diego St., meanwhile, is one of the toughest defensive squads in the country.

The Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun!!!

Upon further examination however, the TRUTH is far more terrifying. Most college sports fans when filling out their bracket and picking a state school will use the abbreviation “St.” Michigan State is commonly abbreviated Mich. St., Arizona State goes by Arizona St. Occasionally, you might get a rare person who might not abbreviate the schools name and write out “Mississippi State”.

When you look closely at the President’s bracket, a terrible truth emerges. While he refers schools like Wichita St., NC St., Ohio St. and Iowa State using commonly accepted abbreviations or their full formal name, the way he chooses to indicate his pick of San Diego State is something straight out of The Manchurian Candidate.

President Barack HUSSEIN Obama picks S.D.S. to defeat St. John’s. Let me just let that sink in for a moment. S…..D….S….!!!!

Students of history immediately will recognize the reference. Yes…SDS. Students for a (Suppposed) Democratic Society, the 1960s radical Marxist jihadist group responsible unspeakable acts of terrorism and debauchery so unspeakable that, fearing younger readers might come across this article, I will not mention them. They eventually became an even more horrible terrorist group called The Weather Underground responsible for many terrorist acts including bombing a bathroom in the Pentagon!

Who was the leader of this group? None other than 1960s radical Bill Withers. Withers and his wife Bernadette Peters masterminded millions of attacks against the United States which crippled the government and led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. Withers, along with Satanic jihadist Sal Alinsky, found Obama at a local Chicago methadone clinic and convinced him to run for President. The rest is history.

What does this cryptic S.D.S. reference by the President mean? The answer, I believe, is a symbolic code. An unnamed source indicated to me in a dream last night that, at some point this weekend, an army of SDS created jihadi robot Marxists will release a deadly swarm of bees into several arenas. They have been waiting years for this cue. Now that they have received it from Mr. Hussein-Obama there is no turning back. My source would not tell me exactly where and when this will happen, only that now that the cat is out of Pandora’s box, there is no going back.

Don’t believe me?  Look at the bracket!  It’s there in black and white.  It is indisputable, ironclad proof of the treason that lives in this man’s dark heart.  I call on the members of Congress that have not been bought off by the Vladimir Putin and his band of merry Islamic Bolsheviks to investigate this as soon as possible in order to prevent one of the greatest catastrophes in the history of this great nation.  Before it is too late!

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  1. #1 by Fried Chicken And Metal on March 19, 2015 - 9:25 AM

    Illuminati Alert: Not the scratched out line when he changed his mind about Indiana and Wichita State.

  2. #2 by Keith Spillett on March 19, 2015 - 9:32 AM

    What’s he hiding??? This is why we must be vigilant.

  3. #3 by Chaz on March 19, 2015 - 9:34 AM

    Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.

  4. #4 by Fried Chicken And Metal on March 19, 2015 - 4:45 PM

    Under further examination, note his Final Four pics, in order. Kentucky – Arizona – (villa)Nova – Duke… Or K. A. N. D. or… King Antichrist New Devil… There it is clear as day… Aren’t Blue Devils just Democrats who worship Satan? Most likely. Then, note all the Wildcats… Cats have long been symbolic of ancient Egypt. Obama is only months away from installing himself as world Pharaoh. Wake up America!!!

    • #5 by Keith Spillett on March 19, 2015 - 9:36 PM

      This is the sort of stuff the sheeple need to hear. Preach preacher!

  5. #6 by Jim Wheeler on March 19, 2015 - 5:11 PM

    I think you nailed it, Keith. Normally I would expect to get this straight from my most dependable source, Rush Limbaugh. The fact that he didn’t beat you to it can only mean one thing. He has made good on his promise of 5 years ago that, if ObamaCare was still in force in 5 years, he was moving to Costa Rica. (I hope he doesn’t find out they have national healthcare down there. Suicide watch!!)

    • #7 by Keith Spillett on March 19, 2015 - 9:36 PM

      I once had someone tell me that if Obamacare passes she was moving to Canada to get away from socialist medicine. I still can’t type that with a straight face and it was 7 years ago.

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